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Start Botting like 20.000+ of our clients!

Our bot is “click and play”, meaning you will be able to bot a channel 2-15 minutes after purchase! Simply login, select a channel and the amount of viewers and click start! You will then within a couple of minutes see the view counter rise!


Get viewers fast

Do you want to become a partner and build a great community? Then fast forward using our bot and while you are high on the lists, you will build a fan base!


Our bot is very secure, and will never display your IP or any personal information to We only use level 1 proxy’s, so even through the secure connection your personal information will never be shared.

Easy to use

Our bot is very easy to use, simply but in your channel name, the amount of viewers you want, and click start. Simple, lightweight and fast!

Free Updates

All users who have an active subscription, will receive daily updates to the bot. We make sure that our proxy’s are always fresh and fast so you will never have an issue view botting!

Easy to use

Easy and fast to use!

Should you buy the web panel or the regular version, then the program is easy to use and fast to start! Viewers are sent to your channel from 30s to 30mins!


Don't trust us? See our LoL Rampage here!

In February 2015 we bombed the League Of Legends section of, you can see a screenshot here. This was just a small demonstration we did, to prove our powers.


2015 twitch rampage

Watch how it works!

YES! It's that easy!

“I became a partner in 14 days, now i work as a full time streamer” – Famous streamer

Become a partner or have fun with friends

Whether you want to give your own channel or simply boost a friend, then View Bot is the best choice on the marked for you!


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ViewBot allows you to add viewers to your channel, and if you buy the chatbot version then we will also add users in the chat that will use an advanced algorithm to reply.

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